Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors – Interested in Signing Victor Valdes

It’s always difficult separating the truth from the lies in the world of transfer rumors, as the news of Chelsea possibly making a move for Victor Valdes, soon to be a former Barcelona player, fall into the category of something that isn’t very likely to happen.

According to Sport, Jose Mourinho is very interested in the Spanish goalkeeper who has already announced he won’t continue with Barcelona, the only club he has ever played for; one with which he has won six league titles and three Champions League trophies.

Victor Valdes

The theory for this interest? Mourinho wants a veteran goalkeeper to man the posts next season, while his faith in Petr Cech is waning. Valdes’ contract runs out at the end of the season, and Mourinho has already approached the player to see where the wind is blowing.

Further down the report it is suggested that Valdes is looking for a €10 million-per season salary, hoping that the free transfer he’ll come through will enable any club that picks him up to pay him exaggerated wages.

The problem with this? Cech hasn’t reached a stage where he’s actually too old to be of significant contribution, even if he isn’t as good as he was a few years ago. Furthermore, Chelsea own Thibaut Courtois, probably the best young goalkeeper in the world at the moment, on loan at Atletico Madrid. Surely once Cech is considered to be a liability, Courtois will take his place?

There’s always the factor of sticking it to Barcelona, something Mourinho will feel extremely happy with should the opportunity come up. Valdes is also more experienced than Courtois at the highest levels of European football, which means he might have an edge in the eyes of a manager who doesn’t like giving chances to young players.

How good is Valdes? Maybe the hardest goalkeeper to asses due to him playing for Barcelona, and the fact that Casillas has been impossible to move for Spain, until now.

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