Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors – Wayne Rooney the Target of One Last Signing Attempt

Wayne Rooney vs Swansea

Both Wayne Rooney and Chelsea have made it clear that they want to be together. Manchester United seem to be the thing that is standing in their way, but the Blues are about to launch one final bid, hoping to make Rooney their big and final signing of the offseason.

According to the Sunday Mirror, which isn’t exactly a 100%, bulletproof news generator in terms of legitimacy, Chelsea have one more offer of £40 million left up their sleeve, and they will unleash the power of Roman Abramovich at Manchester United very soon.

Wayne Rooney, for now, is trying to make the most of his situation. He came off the bench for United in their 4-1 win over Swansea, finishing with two assists to Robin van Persie and Danny Welbeck. However, Rooney is still trying to push for an exit from the club, while telling David Moyes that he needs more playing time in order to be 100% fit after missing almost the entire preseason schedule.

Chelsea and Jose Mourinho have mentioned more than once that Rooney is the only player left “on the market” that they remain interested in. If not him, than no one else. However, with their striker situation not looking too impressive (unless Romelu Lukaku continues what he started last season at West Brom and becomes an unstoppable force), Rooney’s arrival is much more important than just sticking it to United. It’s about actually getting a player to a position they need.

Rooney will be fine, and it doesn’t matter where he ends up. Manchester United might not be his favorite home anymore, but Rooney is the kind of player, that despite his off field persona, will always give his team everything he can, even if it means coming off the bench and playing in a position that isn’t his favorite. Be it Chelsea or United, Rooney will once again be one of the best performers in the Premier League.

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