Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose Might Have Torn His ACL Again

Derrick Rose

Just when things were starting to look better for Derrick Rose on an individual level, comes an injury to his right knee in the game between the Chicago Bulls and the Portland Trail Blazers, and people from within the organization are fearing the worst; that he tore the ACL on his right knee, which might mean very sad news not just for the Bulls but also for the entire NBA.

During the third quarter of their game against Portland (which the Bulls lost 98-95), Rose tried to reach a pass sent to him by Joakim Noah. Nicolas Batum stole that pass, and as Rose was turning to make the cut back down court to defend the fast break he took a bad twist or step with his knee, leaving the game. He was carried off to the dressing room, and although he wasn’t seen clutching his knee like he did in that playoff game against the Sixers, there wasn’t anything reassuring about the sights of him limping and helped into the dressing room.

There are no new news about the injury and its details. Some suggest it is an ACL tear, which not only means his season is over, again, but that means he’s tore his knee ligament on both knees, and his career prospects look dimmer than ever, even though physically he looked just fine since the beginning of the season. The numbers might not have suggested it, but Rose did look just as fast and athletic as before.

He’s been averaging 15.9 points and 4.3 assists per game while shooting 35.4% from the field, as the Bulls have started the season at 6-5, struggling to pick up wins when playing away from home.

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