Chip Kelly Choosing the Philadelphia Eagles Over the Oregon Ducks – The Real Reason

Nothing wrong with a little humor to pass the off-season, and few do it better than the NFL comic strip The Draw Play. According to their version, the reason Chip Kelly decided to leave his successful program work at Oregon for the bright light of the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles is one day in the park, bringing him to a realization.

What realization? That Eagles are more awesome than Ducks. It might sound simplistic, but watching a bird of prey tear through a naive and innocent pond bird changes your priorities.

Kelly Eagles Ducks

Many expected Kelly to refuse, after winning two BCS bowls with Oregon and pretty much dominating the Pac-12 for nearly four straight seasons, being one controversial touchdown call from playing in the national title game a second time.

But it’s hard to refuse the NFL, especially when you feel that you’ve hit your ceiling in College. The stakes are much higher in the NFL, and failure tastes a whole of a lot worse as well, but Kelly, after so much success in running his famous offense at Oregon, feels that with the right kind of tweaks, he can master it in the NFL as well.

(Via: The Draw Play)