Christoph Kramer Scores The Best/Worst Own Goal of the Season

Borussia Dortmund needed a win badly, and they got it thanks to one of the most bizarre own goals we’ve seen in the last few years, as Christoph Kramer of Borussia Monchengladbach mishandled a back pass to his own goalkeeper, chipping it over him from almost the halfway line.

Dortmund were ranked last in the Bundseliga before playing against Gladbach, one of the hottest teams this season in Germany. It called for a major support performance from their own fans, but it was yet another disappointing performance on the pitch from Dortmund’s players.

Christoph Kramer

But no worries. Kramer didn’t see his goalkeeper leaving the line and passed it back to him on automatic. He didn’t look, he simply gave a bad touch that turned out to be too powerful of a lob, scoring the only goal of the match, and probably putting himself in every end-of-year highlight reel we’re going to see in about a month or so.

Dortmund? They’re blasting through the Champions League, but struggling to make ends meet at home. They are only 15th with just three wins in 11 matches so far this season, nine points behind the fourth place which leads to the Champions League. Europe? Right now it’s about avoiding getting into relegation battles.

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