Ciprian Dinu Breaks the Leg of Dan Roman With Horror Tackle (Video)

A match between Gaz Metan Mediaș and FC Botoșani in Romania’s Liga I has provided us with one of the most horrific injuries we’ve seen in a long time, as Ciprian Dinu went in with an awful challenge, resulting in Dan Roman breaking his leg.

Roman, a striker, actually scored the goal that put his team in the lead, but a few minutes later was chopped down by Dinu. The referee didn’t see the event clearly, initially giving a yellow card to the player, but made it a red one after seeing the kind of damage he inflicted on Roman.

Players from both sides seemed to be quite shocked and stunned, and the challenge has been referred to as murderous in the Romanian media. It’s clearly something that’s going to take at least a season to get over, if not something that might be career ending, which makes it deserving of a very lengthy suspension to Dinu, who has already been sent off in the season’s opener, causing him to miss two matches.

The shock of losing their teammate might have been a bit much for the Gaz Metan players, eventually losing the match 2-1 to Botosani, who are ranked below them in the Romanian table.