19 Coolest Clemson Tigers 2016 College Football Champions Items

Clemson are your 2016 college football season national champions (after beating Alabama), so it’s time to choose how you want to celebrate it: With a t-shirt, hoodie, baseball cap, plaque, huge flag or even a bowling ball.

As you might have guessed, the options of getting Clemson 2016 championship memorabilia are endless. Luckily, we’re here to help you choose from the best of ’em.

Clemson 2016 Champions Real Deal T-Shirt

The t-shirt that’s perfect to prove all the Clemson doubters wrong. Especially good when heading into an office filled with South Carolina fans.

Clemson 2016 Champions Orange Sweatshirt

You can buy this Clemson sweatshirt in medium, large and x-large.

Clemson 2016 Champions Purple T-Shirt

Out of all the Clemson 2016 championship t-shirts, this is the best-designed in my opinion, and the color purple works best in this case.

Clemson 2016 Champions Orange T-Shirt

The orange version of the previous t-shirt.

Women’s Clemson 2016 Champions T-Shirt

Ladies can get this Clemson championship t-shirt in small, medium, large and x-large.

The slightly more business version of the Clemson champions t-shirt collection.

Clemson 2016 Champions Button Shirt

Once you iron this shirt, you can wear the embroidered ‘Clemson Football National Champions 2016’ to any meeting, especially in a company with Clemson fans in attendance.

Clemson 2016 Champions Hoodie

The hooded version of showing the world that you’re a Clemson fan, finally a fan of a championship team.

Clemson 2016 Champions Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This long sleeve shirt comes in charcoal.

College Football National Championship Trophy Replica

This awesome championship trophy replica currently costs $279.95.

Clemson Tigers Champions 2016 Coffee Mug

With this coffee mug, you can remind yourself that Clemson are the national champions (at least for a year) every morning.

Clemson National Champions Hat

Clemson National Champions Hat

A standard baseball cap, only it has Clemson representing next to National Champs, something that happens once every 35 years.

Clemson National Champions Banner

Championship banners are what it’s all about, and Clemson can finally add another year next to their 1981 championship.

Clemson 2016 Champions Wall Art

Put the glory of Clemson winning a national championship on your wall.

Clemson 2016 National Champions Bowling Ball

One of the more unique items on this list, you can also go bowling and celebrate Clemson winning a national championship all at the same time.

Clemson 2016 College Football Champions Car Flag

A cool car flag that celebrates Clemson two national championships: In 1981 and in 2016.

Clemson National Champions House Flag

Same schtick: Flag, two championships, Clemson; only this one is bigger, so it fits in your house, not just your car window.

Clemson 2016 College Football Champions Street Sign

A great way to celebrate Clemson making some history is either hanging this sign in your room, at your home or actually on the street.

Clemson Tigers National Champions Field Plaque

A cool looking plaque to celebrate how the field looked during Clemson’s truly historic win over Alabama; a championship win.