Cleveland Cavaliers – Andrew Wiggins Shouldn’t Be Traded for Kevin Love

Andrew Wiggins

The Cleveland Cavaliers won’t leave the Minnesota Timberwolves alone, and continue their course of action, which will lead to a huge mistake – trading for Kevin Love because it means giving up on Andrew Wiggins.

We have conflicting rumors about whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to actually trade Andrew Wiggins and include him in the deal that wins them Kevin Love. However, if this deal is to actually happen, Wiggins will be included in it. There is no other way the Cavs manage to pull this off without including their number one draft pick in it – one that they are actually happy about this time.

Wiggins signing a deal complicates things. Why? Because now he can’t be included in a trade for the next 30 days, giving teams that want to try and deal with the Timberwolves a time frame in which the Cavaliers don’t have a chance to react. The Chicago Bulls are in the picture with the potential offer than includes Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic, while the Golden State Warriors continue their internal struggle, deciding whether or not to include Klay Thompson in their offer.

Love is one of the two or three best power forwards in the league. He has an offensive skill set that no one else has among big men, not to mention being an excellent rebounder. However, adding him to the team at the cost it will bleed away from the Cavs won’t improve their chances of winning now. There’s nothing wrong with trying to win now and building for the future at the same time.

Kyrie Irving, LeBron James. The Cavaliers have pretty decent depth at the moment with Anderson Varejao, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and a rookie like Andrew Wiggins. That’s one of the best six-man groups you can find in the league. Anthony Bennett should do better this season, Mike Miller is  helpful addition and the Cavaliers will probably find some free agents to fill the lines. Getting Kevin Love gives them a better starting five, but takes away too much of their talent.

It’s understandable that a team loses patience. The Cavs have been bad, more or less, for the past four seasons, without too many moments of enjoyment for the franchise and the fans. With an opportunity to go for everything right now, there are those inside the team pushing to go all-in and gamble away too much just in order to add another star to this team. From everything we’ve seen in the NBA over the last few years, unless you had that James-Wade-Bosh combination with a quality group of role players, that approach never gets you all the way.

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