Cleveland Cavaliers, the Biggest Losers in the NBA

Kyrie Irving

For the second time this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have let a lead that on paper and according to every NBA history book should leave them with a win, instead to somehow blow it in the final minutes of the game. Less than a month ago it was against the Miami Heat that they kicked the bucket, two nights ago it was even worse, against the Indiana Pacers.

We’ll begin with the fresher feeling of angst and despair, as the Cavs lost at Indiana 94-99, despite holding a 20 points lead with nine minutes left in the game. The chances of losing in such a situation? 1-4382, or 0.02%. And yet, the Cavs allowed the Pacers to rally back with a 35-10 run to close out the game.

Against the Miami Heat, less than a month ago, it was something similar  but it probably hurt a little bit more when LeBron James was the one to do it against them. The Cavs held a 27 point lead with 7:44 left in the third quarter. To make it simple Рin the last 15 seasons, teams trailing by 27 or more in the second half were 5 and 2,013, a win percentage of .002. And yet, Miami managed to win 98-95, making it 24 consecutive wins.

The future of the Cavs might be bright with Kyrie Irving and to a lesser degree, Dion Waiters, but for now, the present is quite bleak, and very depressing.