Cleveland Caveliers – Anthony Bennett Worse Than Expected

Anthony Bennett

Someone suggested that the Anthony Bennett debut was the least anticipated first game for a number one pick in NBA history. Turns out, what comes later, so far, isn’t much better. Bennett hasn’t been disappointing because sadly, there weren’t that many expectations of the former UNLV player to begin with.

If the Cavs don’t end their playoff drought which began the day LeBron James left the team, many fingers will be pointed at Chris Grant for making a mistake with the Cavs’ second number one pick in three years.

Bennett has played in three games (1-2), coming off the bench in all three games, averaging 0.7 points and 4 rebounds per game. He still hasn’t hit a single field goal attempt, taking a total of 12 shots so far, scoring his only points in the first game, going 2-of-4 from the line. He hasn’t been able to reach the line since.

Bennett was always a risky pick. A tweener who excelled as a power forward for the Rebels in college but probably not strong enough to handle the position as an inside player in the NBA, but not quick enough to guard small forwards on the other end. A stretch four? That’s the idea, but so far, due to his failed shooting and extra weight he’s earned the nickname ‘Stretch-marks 4’ around the web.

So Michael Carter-Williams is leading the 76ers to a shocking start. Victor Oladipo is fitting well for the Orlando Magic early on coming off the bench. Bennett didn’t make that much sense as a starting player to begin with considering the roster the Cavs had going into the season, and from the short amount of time he’s been on the court it makes even less sense now.

Bennett is struggling with his asthma, a preseason injury while trying to lose the extra isn’t helping him show the ability we saw from him last year. But sometimes early impressions stick and further than that tell the whole story, or a big chunk of it, which just might be that Anthony Bennett is already making himself out to be one of the worst number one draft picks in NBA history.

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