College Basketball Current Scandal Explained Perfectly With ‘The Wire’ Meme

The hottest cauldron in sports right now is the College Basketball scandal, as published documents of the FBI investigation into the corruption of the sport, highlighted by wrongdoings involving the biggest names in Division 1. Memes often capture the zeitgeist pretty well, and this ‘The Wire’ meme does it pretty well.

The FBI probe is complexed and multi-layered. The biggest news out of it right now is Sean Miller, the Arizona head coach, recorded offering $100,000 to make sure freshman star Deandre Ayton comes to play for the Wildcats. But Arizona isn’t the only big-name program in trouble.

Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina and Michigan State, among many others were named under potential impressible benefits and preferential treatment for players and family. Louisville (who already got punished hard earlier this week), Kansas, Texas and Wichita State were among those named in Christian Dawkins, the former ASM agent, expense report, reimbursing him after he paid college and high school players.

It goes on and on, and seems to touch almost every major name in college basketball and beyond. And no one is surprised. This has always been going on, only no one got caught, or simply too many people turned a blind eye. What will be asked once the dust settles is whether the current way the NCAA runs thing is still the best for the sport, or whether pay-for-play in some way or form needs to become the standard, in order to make what’s been going on in the dark for years official.

FBI vs College Basketball

Image Source / FBI Documents