College Football – Day 2 Bowl Game Scores

Memphis beat BYU

After some rest, the 2014-2015 college football bowl season commences with the first ever Miami Beach Bowl, won by Memphis, beating BYU 55-48 in double overtime with a historic performance from Paxton Lynch and followed by an all-out brawl to mark it as a very memorable occasion.

Miami Beach Bowl: The debut for this bowl game in Marlins Park isn’t going to be easily forgotten. Not just for the dramatic double overtime finish, with Memphis winning 55-48 against BYU, but also for what happened after Christian Stewart’s final pass was intercepted. We’re used to seeing shoving and maybe some aggression between football players, but an all-out brawl sparked from the frustration and maybe taunting between the sides.

For BYU, it was extremely disappointing. They led 45-38 but succumbed to a touchdown with 45 seconds left in the game, sending it into overtime. After trading field goals in the first overtime, Paxton Lynch threw a touchdown pass to Roderick Proctor to give Memphis the lead for good.

Earlier in the season, when quarterback Taysom Hill was still healthy, there were talks of the Cougars making the playoff and Hill being a Heisman candidate. Instead, the season ended in disappointment and some would say an embarrassment to the program which athletic director Tom Holmoe apologized for. Their final record in 2014 is 8-5, as the rumors of them joining the Big 12 one day continue to roam around the area.

Paxton Lynch doesn’t have the most accurate of arms, but he did throw four touchdown passes and ran for three more, negating those three interceptions he tossed as well in a wild game, now tied for the third highest scoring bowl game of all-time at 103 points. Lynch being responsible for seven touchdowns also ties a bowl game record shared with Geno Smith and Keith Price.

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