College Football Rumors – Jameis Winston Not Leaving Florida State Anytime Soon

Jameis Winston

You never expect college stars with great NFL prospects to stay around not getting paid for too long, but Jameis Winston seems to be made of something different, suggesting he has at least two more years to play for Florida State.

It began with head coach Jimbo Fisher saying that he thinks Winston has more than just one year left to play for the Seminoles, and isn’t likely to enter the 2015 NFL draft. Winston, speaking to AP as he prepares for the baseball season, in which he’ll probably be the closer for the Seminoles, confirmed that his coach is spot on about his predictions about the future.

Obviously I’m a big baseball person, so that’s an accurate statement because I plan on playing baseball next season anyway. Everybody says, well he’s going to stay one more year and leave. I think it’ll be two. Obviously, I’m not even worried about the draft and stuff like that. I’m worried about winning championships here at Florida State.

Fisher won the Heisman trophy this season, the second consecutive year with a Freshman winning the biggest individual award in College Football, following Johnny Manziel 12 months ago. He helped lead the Seminoles to their first national title in 14 years, and many predict him to be the number one pick in the next draft class, if he does actually enter which now seems a bit less likely considering what he and Fisher have said.

Even if he would have entered the draft right now, there are many willing to bet he’d be a top 5 pick, maybe even number one. But Winston, for now, is saying all the right things where Seminoles fans are concerned. What we do know, however, is that words in 2014 don’t mean a thing about what happens in 2015, and a number of things can happen along the way that make him change his mind and decide to go pro after all.

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