College Football Rumors – Mack Brown Leaves Texas

Mack Brown

The only reason, as it turns out, that Mack Brown didn’t announce him leaving the Texas football program was because the rumors of him stepping down leaked, so he decided to change the date by a day, and get to do it on his own terms. He’ll remain with the team until after the Alamo Bowl, but then step off his perch, and leave the head coaching job of the Longhorns to someone else.

The university announced that Brown’s final game as the head coach of Texas will be in the Alamo Bowl against Oregon, which will end 16 seasons in Austin for him since arriving from North Carolina. He won a national title in 2005 and reached another final after the 2009 season, but over the past four years has failed to win the Big 12 and has posted an overall 30-20 record with 18-17 in the Big 12, including a losing season in 2010 (5-7).

Brown, on his own accord, felt like he could have stayed, but the pressure coming from the fan base and from some of the decision makers in Texas made him decide that it’s enough. After beating Oregon State last year in the Bowl game and returning 19 starters, Brown wasn’t talking about only winning the Big 12, but also being in the national championship picture. However, Texas started off the season 1-2 and Brown has been on the hot seat ever since.

Beating Oklahoma for the first time since 2009 might have helped a bit, but losing to Oklahoma State and Baylor as their bid to win the conference collapsed probably made Brown’s mind up. The heavy losses to the Sooners in recent years (by 38 and 44 points), not to mention seeing Oklahoma pick up 8 Big 12 titles from 2000 to 2012 didn’t help Brown when it came to the bottom line of assessing how well he’s done for the program not just over the last few years, but overall during his time with Texas.

He’ll step down with a 98-33 conference record, two conference titles and a 3-1 record in BCS Bowls, with the one Vince Young won for him against USC being his crowning achievement. Brown doesn’t sound like someone ready to give up on his coaching career, and it is rumored that he has received three offers during the season from teams, with two of them still quite available for him to take up.