College Football Rumors – Michigan Not Giving Up on Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles

Jim Harbaugh, Les Miles

No matter how far fetched it seems, Michigan are still hoping that their next Wolverines football coach is one of the two: Jim Harbaugh, still with the San Francisco 49ers, or Les Miles, who seems to be quite content at LSU.

The big news regarding Harbaugh? A rumor about a text. That, and the ongoing talk of his worsening relationship with the 49ers front office. Being knocked out of playoff contention after a third consecutive loss, the first time that has happened for Harbaugh since taking the NFL head coaching job, just makes it easier to predict he won’t be a head coach with the 49ers next season despite having one more year left on his contract.

The rumor about Harbaugh’s text comes from (allegedly) inside the Michigan athletic department. So what does the text say? Harbaugh texting Andy Moeller, an offensive line coach on the Browns and the son of Gary Moeller about “getting the band back together“. In short, Harbaugh is on his way out of San Francisco, and is planning on beginning his Michigan resurrection project by bringing over former Wolverines players.

Or maybe he’s just setting up plans for a BBQ. This just might be wishful thinking on the part of Michigan fans and beat writers, who obviously view their program as one of the most prestigious jobs in college football, and find it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t want the opportunity to coach them, especially a former player who is about to be without a job in the NFL and knows how bad things have gotten for the program in recent years.

Some tie this text rumor to Les Miles telling reporters after an LSU practice that he’s not going anywhere. He declined to be quoted directly but made it quite clear he isn’t looking to leave the Tigers for the Michigan job, hasn’t been contacts and neither has his agent. Those looking for signs that Harbaugh is coming might suggest that Miles is in the know-how of the next person to take up the job, and didn’t just denounce his interest for no reason. And maybe he’s just saying the same thing he has been saying for years whenever the position opens up.

Unlike another Big Ten school, Michigan aren’t acting swiftly and probably not discreetly. Nebraska pulled off the Mike Riley hiring out of nowhere. Florida didn’t exactly make their interest in Jim McElwain a quiet one, but they did move quickly despite the difficulties in the way. Michigan, as always, make a big spectacle of everything, which might come back to haunt them if their top two targets eventually don’t end up in their net.

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