College Football Rumors – Nick Saban Leaving Alabama for Texas

Nick Saban

Ever since Alabama lost the final regular season game the rumors have been circulating regarding Nick Saban bolting to another job. Where to? Texas of course,who still don’t have a vacancy for the most successful head coach in College Football, but if there’s actually a deal in place, they’ll make one for him.

According to The Football Braniacs, the deal between the Longhorns and Saban is done, based on the words of two “very good” sources. There isn’t a word on when this will be announced, and how much money Saban will be making, but they seem to be quite convinced it’s a done deal.

So, why would Saban be leaving? Alabama just lost in the Iron Bowl, and although this is only their third loss in three seasons and the Crimson Tide once again have the best recruiting class in the nation, they’re bleeding talent to the NFL this year, more than ever before. A.J. McCarron is the leading the name in the departing class, but after getting used to winning national titles (three in the last four years), Saban might want to try somewhere else on for size.

Things don’t come bigger than Texas. Mack Brown might still win the Big 12, but it seems the sentiment is gone for the 62-year old coach, who has been in Austin since 1998, leading them to the national title in 2005 and the title game four years later, losing to Saban’s Alabama. It’s the richest football program in the country, but Saban will be coming as a Messiah, ready to bring back the glory days and 10-win seasons that weren’t that long ago.

Another thing Saban might be doing well is reading the writing on the wall faster than anyone else: The SEC might have rules in the last 8 years of the BCS era, but things are going to be different in the College Football Playoff era. The SEC’s strength as a conference took a hit this season, no matter how you try to spin it. Saban might be reading the trends faster than anyone, and simply going to a job where he has a lot less to lose.