College Football Rumors – Nick Saban Staying With Alabama, Mack Brown Trying to Stay in Texas

Nick Saban, Mack Brown

A potentially massive change in the head coaching scenery of College Football isn’t going to happen at the moment. Nick Saban is staying with Alabama, probably signing another massive extension to remain as the head coach of the Crimson Tide until the end of his career, while Mack Brown isn’t planning on stepping down or leaving Texas, instead announcing he’ll be fighting to keep his job.

Despite all the talk and all the rumors, the thing that made the most sense happened. Texas might be the richer program with a bit more financial incentives to offer, but right now it can’t compare in terms of what football has to offer coming from Alabama. Saban couldn’t just let go of a place he won three national titles with, the best conference in the nation and obviously, the offer to match anything Texas put on the table for him to look at.

Brown? It’s harder to say what’s going on there. There’s a new AD in town, and according to the 16-year coach in Austin, they still haven’t had a proper sit down regarding the future and the plans the athletic director has for the program. The clearest thing to get out of Brown’s words and the sources coming out of Austin – he has no plan of leaving this job, hoping that he’ll get to stay a few more years and possibly lead the Longhorns to the success he had with them for most of his tenure with the program.

It’s not quite clear how big Saban’s new deal will be, but considering that he is already making $5.6 million a season in Alabama, suggestions point to something around $7 to $7.5 million a season, extending it further from its current 2020 deadline. This isn’t the only big extension in the SEC –¬†Auburn’s Gus Malzahn recently agreed to a six-year extension that will pay him $3.85 million in the first year with a $250,000 raise each year after. And Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze just received an extension that raised his salary to $3 million per year.

As for Brown? He won’t be getting that kind of extension, losing his spot as the highest paid head coach in college football. However, with Texas probably entertaining quite a few big names that might be out of reach, keeping him for now until something better comes along might be the best option they have, especially if he beats Oregon in the Alamo Bowl.