College Football Rumors – Oklahoma, Nebraska, Houston & Colorado State Interested in Signing Kyle Allen

Kyle Allen

While Texas A&M are trying to figure out how they lost two quarterbacks to transfers in one week, Kyle Allen, one of the transferring players, has a decision to make, with Colorado State, Colorado, Nebraska, Syracuse, West Virginia, Houston, Oklahoma, Texas and UCF all reaching out in hope to sign him.

Allen was on-again, off-again starter in his two years with the Aggies, not living up to his 5-star recruit potential and hype, but maybe also not being given the conditions to succeed, as it seems there are deep rooted coaching issues in the program that were hidden while Johnny Manziel was there to grab all the attention and spotlight. With both Allen and Kyler Murray leaving, it can’t be just two guys who happen to be unhappy at the same time.

But where does Allen go? Right now he’s in Arizona, waiting for a light bulb to light up over his head. The four he’s been talking to the most have been Oklahoma, Nebraska, Houston and Colorado State. Allen says he wants to be in the best position to help his school win and for the school to help him win. What does that mean? He probably wants a place he won’t be jerked around at, which means hoping for less competition for the starting role once he’s eligible to play again.

According to Allen, the next three weeks will be detrimental for his decision. He isn’t able to make visits, so he’s talking to whoever he can to get a good idea of what it’s like at each school. The only thing he can’t do is transfer to an SEC school, as part of his agreement with Texas A&M. But that leaves a lot of openings for old rivals the Aggies had, even in the state, like Houston and Texas. Allen said that talking to the four we mentioned doesn’t make it about them and no one else, but they’re certainly favorites to land him.

In two seasons with the Aggies, Allen played in 20 games, completing 58.5% of his passes, throwing for 3532 yards, 33 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. He also ran for three touchdowns over the two seasons. Murray will have to sit out one year, which means he’s looking for a program that doesn’t have too much competition for the 2017 season. Oklahoma might be a bit difficult for him considering who they have waiting behind Baker Mayfield.

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