College Football Rumors – Oregon, Texas & TCU Interested in Signing Dakota Prukop

Dakota Prukop

With transfers easier to come by for players wanting to replace their college football team, it’s almost like free agency in the sport. Dakota Prukop of Montana State has had enough of the FCS and has enough interest from Oregon, Texas and TCU to make the transfer and find himself a new team to play for next season.

The 6’2 Prukop wasn’t really looked at when he came out of high school in Austin, Texas, playing for Vandegrift. According to Prukop himself, they didn’t have any recruiters come by. He didn’t get picked up by any of the Big 12 Texas schools, despite trying out for Texas Tech. In hindsight, he thinks that going to Montana State and the FCS in general has been better for him. He was way behind in every possible way, and playing for the Bobcats gave him time to develop.

And so, as the Bobcats let go of Rob Ash and hired Jeff Choate, it also meant that Tim Cramsey, the Bobcats offensive coordinator, is looking for a job. Prukop and him are close, and the quarterback is hoping that he gets to play for the team that hires Cramsey, but that might a little bit of overreaching on his part, although who knows: Maybe schools want him that badly they’re willing to take Cramsey on the payroll just so Prukop chooses them.

Prukop got transfer papers for Oregon, Texas and TCU, but his number one school are the Ducks because of the offensive system they run out of the shotgun. Their quarterback this season, Vernon Adams, is also an FCS transfer from Eastern Washington, who did pretty well on his first season with an FBS team. Prukop threw for 3025 yards, completed 63% of his passes and had a 28-10 TD-INT ratio, while also running for 797 yards and 11 TDs. With these numbers, it seems another starting quarterback for the Big Sky is going to be playing for a much bigger, well known program in less than a year.

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