College Football to the NFL – Who Sends the Most Players

Even though the USC Trojans football program is going through some hardships, it proves that in terms of providing talent to the NFL it reigns, producing the most NFL players on the rosters that kicked off the season with 40, followed by LSU who sent 39, a surprising Miami team with 38 and followed by Georgia with 36.

USC, only 3-2 this season, had four players selected in this year’s draft, although none of them were picked in the first round. Florida State led all college teams on that account with 11 players picked, with three of them coming in the first round.

The national champions, Alabama, currently have 30 players in the NFL, with nine players being selected in the most recent draft, which hasn’t really stopped them from dominating college football once again, going undefeated so far this season and beating two ranked SEC teams on the way.

The Fox Sports infographic also examines what position is dominated by each school in the NFL right now. USC show up here again at both quarterback (with 4), tied for the lead at Center (3) and linebacker (with 9). Out of the four quarterbacks, only Carson Palmer is a full-time starter, while Matt Barkley is a third-stringer, Mark Sanchez is out for the season and Matt Cassel is backing up for Christian Ponder, although his most recent performance might change that.

LSU have 11 former defensive backs in the league at the moment, the most out of any position-leading school, although there are four defensive backs most of the time in each defensive lineup and there are schemes with more. This list includes Eric Reid, LaRon Landry, Morris Claiborne and Patrick Peterson.

Pro-College Infographic

Infographic via FoxSports