College Football – 2014 Week 1 Rankings


There’s no real change in the top of the rankings after the week 1 games, as Florida State and Alabama occupy the top two despite unimpressive wins. Georgia (after beating Clemson) and Texas A&M (defeating South Carolina) are the high risers, scorching their way into the top 10, while Louisville beating Miami made them the only new team in the rankings, coming in instead of an unimpressive Washington team.

1. Florida State Seminoles (46 First place votes), 1-0: Not the most impressive of performances for the national champions, but still, a 37-31 win over Oklahoma State kept them in the top spot for another week.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (1), 1-0: Just like Florida State, Alabama played their opener on neutral ground and struggled against West Virginia, winning 33-23 and remaining in the second spot.

3. Oregon Ducks (5), 1-0: No move for Oregon as well as they had no trouble beating South Dakota 62-13.

4. Oklahoma Sooners (2), 1-0: The Sooners are another one of the national championship contenders that had no problem in the first week, beating Louisiana Tech 48-16, remaining where they were in the preseason.

5. Auburn Tigers, 1-0: Auburn moved up a spot thanks to a 45-21 win over Arkansas, although things only started clicking for them in the second half to pick up an early conference win.

6. Georgia Bulldogs (2), 1-0: A huge rise for the Bulldogs, climbing six spots after an early season conference win over Clemson, beating the Tigers 45-21 behind a huge Todd Gurley performance.

7. Michigan State Spartans, 1-0: Another school that moved up (one spot) despite beating a lowly opponent like Jacksonville State 45-7.

8. Ohio State Buckeyes, 1-0: No longer getting first place votes after their quarterback went down with an injury, falling three spots after beating Navy 34-17.

9. Texas A&M Aggies (2), 1-0: The big rise after a huge 52-28 win over South Carolina in Columbia, giving the Aggies a 12-spot hike in the rankings.

10. Baylor Bears, 1-0: Stayed where they were in preseason rankings following a dominant 45-0 win over SMU.

11. UCLA Bruins, 1-0: Barely managed to pull through against Virginia on the road, winning 28-20, costing them four spots in the rankings.

12. LSU Tigers (1), 1-0: A huge comeback from the Tigers in their 28-24 win over Wisconsin, coming back from 17 points down, which helps them move up a spot.

13. Stanford Cardinal, 1-0: Actually dropped two spots for now explicable reason after beating UC Davis 45-0.

14. USC Trojans, 1-0: Moved up a spot after beating Fresno State 52-13, but an injury to their quarterback might mean the faith in them could be removed very soon.

15. Ole Miss Rebels, 1-0: Plenty of mistakes and yet a comfortable 35-13 win over Boise State, helping them rise three spots in the rankings.

16. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 1-0: A one spot rise after a 48-17 win over Rice, getting an impressive return from Everett Golson to quarterback.

17. Arizona State Sun Devils, 1-0: An easy way to start the season, beating Weber State 45-14, and climbing two spots thanks to the win.

18. Wisconsin Badgers, 0-1: Great running and offensive line, but no quarterback to complete these strengths cost them a win against LSU and a drop of four spots, the highest ranked team with a loss.

19. Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1-0: An easy was to start the season by beating Florida Atlantic 55-7, moving up three spots.

20. Kansas State Wildcats, 1-0: Staying right where they were in the preseason rankings, Kansas State easily beat SF Austin 55-16.

21. South Carolina Gamecocks, 0-1: Quite a fall for the Gamecocks, losing 52-28 at home to Texas A&M, causing a 12 spot drop for them.

21. North Carolina Tar Heels, 1-0: Rose two spots despite not having the easiest of times against Liberty, winning 56-29.

23. Clemson Tigers, 0-1: Fell seven spots after a terrible performance in Athens against Georgia, losing 45-21, including getting shutout in the second half of the game.

24. Missouri Tigers, 1-0: Stayed where they were thanks to a 38-18 win over South Dakota State.

25. Louisville Cardinals, 1-0: The only newcomer to the rankings this week, beating Miami 31-13.

Dropped from rankings: Washington, after an unimpressive win over Hawai’i.

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