Copa America Centenario – Day 11 Predictions (Mexico vs Venezuela, Uruguay vs Jamaica)

Mexico v Jamaica: Group C - Copa America Centenario

In group C of the Copa America Centenario, we already know the two qualifiers: Mexico and Venezuela. Both teams clash in an attempt to finish first, and avoid a quarterfinal against Argentina.

Mexico lead the group on goal difference, so a draw keeps them on top. Venezuela have to win in order to finish first. With Argentina having a six-goal advantage over Chile Group D, it’s almost set in stone that the Albiceleste will face the runners-up in group C.

Mexico vs Venezuela: Venezuela have never beaten Mexico, and have twice lost against El Tri in Copa America matches. However, boosted by their success against Jamaica and especially Uruguay, and with strikers that have been very difficult to handle for everyone, finishing first in the group isn’t going to be a stunner. However, Mexico, like in almost every group stage in every competition they take part of, look like the stronger side, with a red hot Javier Hernandez and Oribe Peralta joining their forces up front, which should give them enough of an edge to finish first in the group.

Uruguay vs Jamaica: There’s nothing more depressing than playing for nothing, and it’s especially true for Uruguay, who’ll have a chance to give some less-used players minutes they’re looking for. No matter what happens against Jamaica, a win won’t erase a huge blunder, that can only be covered up by pointing fingers at Brazil not making it out of the group stage either. No one will admit it, but both Argentina and probably Chile are quite happy it won’t be Uruguay they’re playing against in the quarter finals.

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