Cristiano Ronaldo – All 150 League Goals For Real Madrid

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be forever, in some way, in the shadow of a different player, the things he’s done and especially the number of goals he has scored for Real Madrid since joining the club is incomparable to anything we’ve ever seen from a goalscorer, making it to 150 La Liga goals in 140 matches for the club.

It is his fifth season with the team, and for now, goals, and not titles, are his legacy. Real Madrid have won the championship only once since his arrival, with no Champions league trophy or even final during that time. There is one Copa Del Rey (with Ronaldo scoring the winning goal), and one Spanish Super Cup which no one really cares about.

What is most amazing his his scoring pace, with a ratio of 1.01 goals per match for the club, even better than Ferenc Puskas. Ronaldo is currently fifth on the all-time scoring list for Real Madrid, both in all competitions (208), needing 115 more to catch up with Raul, and in the league (150), needing 78 more to catch up with Raul.

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

He has already scored four league goals this season (Behind Messi by two at this point), and with an average of 36.5 league goals per season for Real Madrid, two seasons should be enough for him to make it past Raul.

Ronaldo has done incredible things in his career, both with Manchester United and Real Madrid. The problem for him in terms of being recognized as the best player in the world and maybe ever is Lionel Messi, who gets to win all of the titles (most of the time), all of the individual awards and usually score more than Ronaldo. However, it doesn’t take away one bit from what Ronaldo has achieved since joining Real in 2009, with this goal compilation providing a fantastic body of work.

One thing he’s done better than Messi? It took him less time than anyone else in La Liga history to reach 150 goals, although he arrived in Madrid as a complete player from Manchester United, while Lionel Messi needed time to begin his conquest.