Cristiano Ronaldo & Angel di Maria Are Ready (Fiorentina vs Real Madrid)

Despite the 2-1 loss, Real Madrid should feel quite confident as they head into the new La Liga season, getting another goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. Strikes from Mario Gomez and Marcos Alonso gave Fiorentina the win, but it was one of those preseason friendlies in which the result wasn’t the most important thing.

Yes, the defense made frustrating mistakes again: Not just the defenders, but also Xabi Alonso, still not over his awful performance in the 2014 World Cup. Mario Gomez was too alone in the middle of the box, not that it’s anything new for Real Madrid. The second goal from Marcos Alonso showed just how easy it can be for some players to put themselves in a decent opportunity against this kind of defending.

The opening goal from the workshop of Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel di Maria wasn’t a perfect example of a counter attack because these were two unique players, with the speed and strength combined with perfect technique and accuracy others simply do not have. Ronaldo started it all with a long ball to Di Maria, and the Argentine found his teammate in perfect position after he made his way past the Fiorentina defense.

Fiorentina beat Real Madrid

Having Mario Gomez fit right from the start makes a huge difference for Fiorentina. Sure, they don’t look like favorites as they head into another season of hoping to somehow upset Napoli, Roma and Juventus, which will be difficult as ever if Juan Cuadrado actually leaves. However, having an excellent finisher like Gomez should make a huge difference in their favor as well.

Real Madrid? If they needed an example of why not to sell Di Maria, this was it. He was the best player on the pitch, which is always difficult to do when Ronaldo is playing next to you. Unless there’s some money or personal issue we’re not aware of, it’s hard to see the reasoning of letting such a player go.

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