Cristiano Ronaldo Mutters ‘F*** You’ About Real Madrid Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid

While Real Madrid fans are often considered as spoiled or plastic (something they share with the perception of Chelsea fans), it would have probably been a little bit smarter from Cristiano Ronaldo to not get caught muttering F*** You at his own fans.

Playing against Levante following their Champions League loss to Schalke and five dropped points in the league against Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid players were operating under a lot of scrutiny already. The home fans at the Santiago Bernabeu weren’t going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

After Ronaldo lost the ball a new round of boos and jeers were directed at him. Ronaldo stopped everything, looked around with his hands on his hips, “admiring” the scene, or simply surveying it. Then he mutters a “Foda se” which is Portuguese for “F*** You”.

Ronaldo has the right to be angry with fans, but it’s never smart to turn against a fan base that has never shown zealous loyalty when his team underachieved.

Ronaldo might be the most followed person in the world on Facebook, but he’s not the kind of player fans love regardless of what he does or says. He’s a superstar that’s appreciated and adores by many, but unconditional love?

Ronaldo has shown more than once that he cares about himself more than anything else in football. It might not be a bad approach in this sport with such a short career, but it certainly doesn’t make you number one with the fans. Getting caught on camera in such a moment isn’t helpful as well, creating more drama for a team and club that don’t really need it right now.

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