Cristiano Ronaldo Really Wants the Ballon d’Or, So Give It To Him

Cristiano Ronaldo

There will be no rest and peace of mind for Cristiano Ronaldo until he knows he’s finally outdone Lionel Messi in an awards ceremony. For all that he’s done this past year, he might finally have the edge over his “rival”, and his most recent goal scoring spree for Real Madrid will be the clincher in his campaign to win the Ballon d’Or.

You rarely hear Lionel Messi talk about wanting to win the award or feeling like he deserves it. Maybe it’s easier when you know it’s going to happen anyway, but it does show a sharp contrast in the personalities between the two players. Ronaldo? It’s been one long campaign all year long, and especially in the last few months. It would have been nicer if his 17 league goals in 14 matches and 9 Champions League goals in six matches would have been enough, but if he feels like media manipulation and threatening not to arrive are better ways of getting what he wants.

There have been theories about the voting being pushed, delayed and halted and what it means. About a photo shoot with Franck Ribery that was cancelled. Is Ronaldo finally going to have his day? A player that is so hungry for titles, at least according to him, but seems offended when he isn’t recognized as the best player in the world, or when he’s only in the top 5 of the biggest contracts and not number one?

Ronaldo is incredible these last few months. He scored his ninth Champions League goal in the win over Copenhagen, a new group stage record, and it could have been more if he hadn’t missed the penalty kick and a few other quite comfortable chances. The hat trick against Sweden, the rampage in the La Liga. It’s hard to say he doesn’t deserve it according to the finish.

The LFP had to invent an award for him so he wouldn’t ban the ceremony, which was about giving awards to Messi, Ramos, Casillas and Iniesta. FIFA aren’t inventing an award for him, but Sepp Blatter making another idiotic remark might force them to give the Ballon d’Or to Cristiano Ronaldo, even though their usual approach and attempt to reward team success means Franck Ribery is the more deserving recepient.

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