Cristiano Ronaldo Selling His House – Leaving Real Madrid?

At this stage of the season, every hint to a possible transfer grabs the attentions, so when Cristiano Ronaldo puts up his Villa for sale, it helps enthusiastic believers to start thinking this is a sig that means he’s planning on leaving Real Madrid this summer.

So far, since the season has ended, there hasn’t been any mentions of offers and clubs wanting to sign Cristiano Ronaldo. We’ve been treated with the Manchester United version nearly all season, but ever since Alex Ferguson has retired, not a word or alleged offer has been reported. Ronaldo might be dreaming of returning one day, but United won’t pay £80 million to bring him back, while Ronaldo isn’t so eager to play for David Moyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo

There have also been the PSG links, but that seems to be nothing more than rumors and page fillers for the press. While Saint-Germain might have the financial ability to pull off something like this, no one thinks Real Madrid would accept any kind of offer for Ronaldo, while the Portuguese star is probably quite happy, like a lot of other players at the Santiago Bernabeu, that Jose Mourinho has left, and another attempt at beating Barcelona to the title while returning the club to Champions League glory can be made with a slightly better atmosphere.

But for those who like to believe in ghost, Ronaldo is putting up his Villa, worth €5.4 million, up for sale, with all of its seven bedrooms, two swimming pools and an acre of grounds. Does it mean he’s not going to find somewhere else to stay? No. And there shouldn’t be any problem for him boarding up in a hotel for a while, he can afford it.

But when you’re trying to go fish for any slight intention of a player to find his way out of the club, things like this stand out. With Ronaldo still not agreeing on a new contract extension, leaving “only” two season left on his current deal, maybe downplaying anything that suggests he won’t be a Real Madrid player forever isn’t the smartest thing to do.

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