Cristiano Ronaldo – The Best Player With a Diva Attitude

Cristiano Ronaldo

The four-goal performance from Cristiano Ronaldo that put Portugal through into the World Cup might be the deciding factor in FIFA’s voting for the Ballon d’Or. Suddenly, realizing he might actually win this time, the Real Madrid star has made it publicly known that he might show up to the gala and do everyone a favor.

Lionel Messi was great as usual, but didn’t do anything new. Even prolonged excellence of incredible proportions gets slightly boring, and his injuries over the last six months have definitely hurt his chances to win the award. Bayern Munich should get the ‘best cast’ award or something similar, but Franck Ribery is their representative, already picking up the European player of the year award.

Cristiano Ronaldo? He didn’t win anything, but his strong start to this season, which doesn’t help Real Madrid catch up with Barcelona but did eventually get Portugal through to the World Cup. In a time where Ronaldo’s legitimacy to the claim of best player in the world took more than headlines than it should thanks to some more wise words from Sepp Blatter, the timing of his hat trick against Sweden couldn’t have been better.

But as a light is cast on his incredible scoring ability and entering what might be his best season ever, another one is cast on his ego-filled personality, that simply can’t stand the fact that he isn’t the chosen one for most of the world.

Insulted by Blatter’s claims that Messi is better, not to mention making fun of Ronaldo’s hair products, Ronaldo is flattered by the attention he’s getting from everyone after his recent performance. He though of banning the ceremony, which means simply not showing up, when he knew there was no chance. Now, we might not get to see the sulking Ronaldo face when he sees someone else pick up the Golden ball. Ronaldo knows it’s now or never, and plans on showing up all of a sudden.

Best player in the world or not, it doesn’t matter. If there was a vote for greatest diva among the world’s biggest football stars at the moment, it’s hard to see anyone beating him to the trophy.