Dare Vrsic With Best Free Kick Ever?

Yeah, yeah, I know – every time someone scores an amazing goal we ask this question – Was this the best goal this year, season? The goal of the decade? Best goal ever. I guess it’s a subjective thing, but I’m pretty sure Dare Vrsic’s free kick from last night against Serbia will get you on your feet, applauding.

Slovenia hosted Serbia in the final group stage match of the 2012 Euro qualifiers. Slovenia had nothing to play for. Serbia had everything to play for, needing the points to secure a spot in the playoffs behind Italy. However, Vrsic’s incredible strike from about 40 meters out gave Slovenia the win, left the Serbs out of the European championships next summer in Ukraine and Poland while tiny Estonia finish second, with the chance of qualifying to their first major tournament, ever.

All thanks to a strike, maybe even a failed crossing attempt, by a 27 year old Slovenian midfielder who has never played in a club outside of Slovenia. A potential Estonian Hero, with one incredible goal to put on his resume.