David Luiz Meets the Tallest Basketball Player in the World

As the Brazilian national football team continue their Asian friendly match tour, playing Zambia next, David Luiz got to meet and take a picture with the tallest basketball player in the world, Sun Mingming.

The Zambia – Brazil match takes place in Beijing, as the Brazilian football federation continues to make huge amounts of money of the Selecao’s popularity, especially in places that don’t get exposed to high quality football too often.

As expected, there’s quite a lot of hanging about and focusing on fun stuff for the Brazilian players, who don’t have any qualifying matches hanging over their heads, being automatically seeded as the hosts of the next world cup.

This gives time for Luiz to meet up with Mingming, who tried out his luck 8 years ago to make it into the NBA, but he was never good enough. He was also diagnosed with a brain tumor that was later successfully removed, but really didn’t help his career. At 7’9 (2.36 meters) he is arguablly the tallest basketball player in history, although Guinness World Records indicates Libyan Suleiman Ali Nashnush was taller.

Sun Mingming is also a talented actor
Sun Mingming is also a talented actor