DeMarcus Cousins Doesn’t Let Isiah Thomas Shake Hands With Chris Paul

For those who love to see a little bit of bad blood in their sports between players and teams, DeMarcus Cousins is probably a godsend, not allowing teammate Isiah Thomas shake hands with Chris Paul after the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Sacramento Kings.

Chris Paul hit some clutch free throws, giving the Clippers a 103-102 win over the Sacramento Kings, sending the visiting Kings to a 4-8 record in a disappointing start to the season. Cousins didn’t take the loss too lightly, not to mention being known for making rash, heated decisions from time to time.

So Thomas goes over to shake hands with Paul, but Cousins pulls him away from doing so. Thomas managed to shake free from Cousins’ hold on him, but before shaking hands with Paul is pulled away from there by his star center, who has the size and strength advantage over his teammate in this case.

DeMarcus Cousins. Isiah Thomas, Chris Paul

Cousins had a huge performance with 23 points, 19 rebounds and 7 assists. He wants to be the guy for the Kings, but also wants this team to finally have an identity instead of being in a perpetual state or rebuild, that is in this vicious cycle of lottery picks that don’t pan out, not to mention the franchise being in a constant state of flux due to the Seattle option.

There’s always a debate about NBA rivalries, and whether or not going back to old-school days when hatred and borderline violence was a lot more acceptable. For those who believe and long for those golden days, Cousins showing his hatred for Paul and the Clippers is refreshing, and hopefully not the last time we see this.