Detroit Pistons Don’t Want to Trade Josh Smith For Some Weird Reason

Josh Smith

Signing Josh Smith was a big mistake the Detroit Pistons want to keep making. Maybe the assurances they’re giving him gives us an indication about what they plan to do with Greg Monroe, because another season of trying to squeeze three big men into a two-man frontcourt isn’t going to get them anywhere.

The Pistons have an offer on the table from the Sacramento Kings. And yet, Stan Van Gundy has spoken to Josh Smith, assuring him that there is no plan to trade him. A power forward who has three more years and $42 million left on his contract. He came in, along with Brandon Jennings, bringing a promise for a better present and future in Detroit, a city that needs every little bit of sport success it can get from somewhere. The results were completely different.

Another fired head coach and a general manager that got canned as well. At some point, the credit for winning a championship runs out, especially if it has been a decade since that championship. The Pistons went in a different direction and gave full control to Stan Van Gundy, who has never had a losing season but has managed to lose his job twice with the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic.

Things change quickly. Maybe a different offer will come forward and put Smith on the trading block again. The Pistons right now are trying to keep Greg Monroe, but are having trouble getting him to get off his high horse, wanting an extension that is the maximum possible. Players love using the word ‘max contract’ these days, especially those who clearly don’t deserve that kind of money and cap clogging ability.

Maybe if Monroe is signed, the Smith deal goes into high gear. The Pistons don’t want to be left without a starting power forward. If Monroe somehow slips through their fingers (Suns maybe?), than Smith is their insurance policy, hoping that Van Gundy is able to take away all the bad habits that have always kept Smith from realizing his full potential.

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