Dominique Niederhauser – Greatest Goalkeeper Goal in History

Have you heard of the club Dardania Lausanne? Probably not. Have you heard about Dominique Niederhauser, the amateur Swiss club’s goalkeeper? Probably not as well. Well, this unknown goalkeeper from an unknown team scored a goal from 80 yards out on a half volley, and although this isn’t some top level football competition, it deserves more than simply a mention.

Dardania Lausanne are a club founded by the Albanian community in Lausanne, and its most prestigious accomplishment is grooming Lorik Cana, the Albanian defensive midfielder who currently plays for Lazio and has also been with Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille and Sunderland.

During Dardania’s 6-1 win over Genolier-Begnins this Sunday, Niederhauser simply stepped up to the ball in order to clear it, but the opposing goalkeeper was so badly positioned, and Niederhauser’s kick was flukishly perfect, it resulted in one of the most incredible goals anyone has seen a goalkeeper score. Luckily, it was also captured on camera.