Donald Sterling Scandal – Everyone Waiting for the Verdict

Sterling, Stiviano

There is still no word from the NBA, which means Adam Silver, as to the result of their investigation regarding the leaked tape of Donald Sterling making racist comments while speaking to V. Stiviano, but owners, Los Angeles Clippers players and pretty much anyone asked about the subject has made their opinion heard, with everyone seeking Sterling’s head for this one.

Kevin Johnson, the former Phoenix Suns player and currently the owner of Sacramento,¬†working on behalf of the NBPA, spoke with Adam Silver before attending game 4 of the Warriors – Clippers series. Right now he’s asking “only” for Sterling to be suspended from the playoffs and from attending future NBA games, hoping for a quick resolution on the league’s investigation into the matter.

However, Johnson and others have made it clear, with hints or by simply saying it, that a person holding such views and being caught saying these things, no matter the morality and ethics behind the leak and recording him by Stiviano (claiming that she didn’t leak the tape…) shouldn’t be allowed to be an NBA owner, and they expect the league to be swift and aggressive with its judgement.

The Clippers players might say that all they care about is the guy next to them in the locker room, but they lost by 21 points to the Warriors. They had a black socks thing going on and wore the shirts upside down while sitting on the bench. Doc Rivers said he wasn’t exactly happy with their decision, but he also mentioned he does not know what his future with the franchise might hold.

Adam Silver

Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan were two more people being very vocal about the matter. Johnson admitted that he’d actually been a friend to Donald Sterling until now, but there’s no place in society and specifically the NBA for someone with this kind of opinion who makes these kind of comments.

Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, didn’t say anything different. He also said that an owner saying these things cannot be allowed to keep holding on to his team.

It’s quite clear what everyone expects of Silver, if the voice of the man on the tape is indeed Sterling’s. Taking the Clippers away from him – forcing him to sell it or for the NBA to take over in some way like the did with the Hornet. It might be too early to get too much into the legal and financial details of that action and road. However, at the end of the process everyone wants to see Sterling without the Clippers at his disposal.

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