Donald Sterling Scandal – Los Angeles Clippers Keep on Playing

Donald Sterling, V Stiviano

So many angles to consider for Adam Silver as he tries to decide what to do about Donald Sterling being recorded by V. Stiviano, bringing up all kind of nasty racist remarks, behavior and thoughts from the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. The tam is going to play although there were other ideas, and the NBA is now investigating the whole matter, although it only seems like a matter of time before judgement is passed.

What happened? Well, TMZ released a tape, given to them by Stiviano, in which she is berated by Sterling for taking a photo with Magic Johnson and posting it to Instagram. Stiviano, who is black and Mexican, is being scolded for being publicly seen next to black men or non-white males. It’s not hard to see where this is going, and that everything about the man speaking in the audio clip is racist from top to bottom.

So the tape comes out, and all hell breaks loose. The NBA said they will investigate the matter. What can they do? Everyone has an opinion. From taking the team away from Sterling or forcing him to sell, or simply keeping him from coming to games. After all, the players aren’t at fault of having a racist owner. The players and the head coach have met and the option of boycotting the playoffs was brought up, but they decided that their goals this season have nothing to do with the kind of person their owner is.

Adam Silver

Sterling himself announced that he isn’t a racist, although he didn’t clearly state that it’s not him on the recording. The only angle that might save him is that Stiviano, who isn’t going to cooperate with the NBA in matters regarding this investigation, might have used someone else to take his place in the video, and is setting him up. Why? There’s a lawsuit between her and the Sterling family, which makes thing slightly more complicated.

The Sterling family is in a lawsuit with Stiviano, claiming she embezzled $1.8 million from Donald Sterling. According to Stiviano, everything she got from him was a gift. In any case, she promised she’d get even? Is this her way?

It doesn’t matter what her motives are. The only thing that should be discussed is whether or not it is actually Donald Sterling on that recording, or perhaps it was altered. If it really is him, then Adam Silver’s first big decision as a commissioner is going to be a difficult one, and unless Sterling is pushed away from the game as far as possible, most people aren’t going to be very happy with the result.

Sterling has had his brushes if not a lot more with racism. From being called a slum lord and settling a case of discriminating against minorities and the whole Elgin Baylor story, if Sterling did actually say the things on tape, it becomes a case of a scandal simply waiting to happen. Him about to receive an a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People makes this story even stranger.

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