Dwyane Wade Has New Dexter Blood-Spattered Shoes

Dexter Shoes

The offseason isn’t just time to relax and rest some ailing body parts for NBA players, but also a great opportunity to focus on marketing their own brands, as Dwyane Wade shows off his new line of shoes, inspired by the TV Show Dexter, who is another city of Miami symbol.

How do we know these are Dexter shoes? Well, it says so on the inside, for one. There’s also the blood-spatter patterns on the lower half of it, the cool part in the eyes of some.

Dexter ran from 2006 until 2013 and was a show about a serial killer who also works as a blood pattern analyst for the Miami Police Department. For the first four seasons it was probably one of the best shows on television, but the second half of its run had quite a few awful moments until the very embarrassing ending.

While it might be a problem for some to purchase shoes inspired by a serial killer, remember this – Dwyane Wade can do no wrong in the eyes of Miami fans, and Dexter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, only killed bad guys. More or less.

Dexter Shoes 2.0