Eden Hazard Doesn’t Want You to Google Bad Things About Him

Eden Hazard

One interesting way to make a terrible World Cup campaign disappear is actually asking Google to remove all the bad reviews of your performances from their search engine. Or at least that is what Eden Hazard has been thinking.

According to reports in Belgium, the Belgian starlet isn’t happy reading just how awful he was during a few weeks in Brazil, being part of a Belgium team that made it to the quarterfinals but hardly making a difference except for one assist. Hazard was touted as one of the biggest young stars heading into the tournament, but was undoubtedly one of its biggest duds, despite the respectable performance from the national team.

That's not how that works

If Hazard wants people in Belgium or anywhere else for that matter to forget about how badly he did during June 2014, it’s going to take more than just somehow convincing Google to take down those “hurtful” reviews. He’s going to need a great season, more or less like the one he had in 2013-2014, with Chelsea. Winning a title or two wouldn’t hurt as well.

Maybe this is all some made up thing trying to hurt the young player. I mean, does anyone really think that reviews about sport will somehow be made invisible just because one touchy footballer felt it’s hurting his brand name?

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