Edwin Hurtado Tries Biting Andrés Franzoia in the Face

It seems that biting players in soccer is becoming a popular trend, with Edwin Hurtado bringing the phenomenon to the Ecuadorian Serie A, as the Deportivo Quevedo tried to end his tense moment with Andrés Franzoia of Barcelona SC by biting him in the face.

Corner kicks are always a great breeding ground for some physical contact that can lead to something a bit more serious. Hurtado decided to confront Franzoia for his physical play, but ended up doing a bit more than he probably planned.

It’s not quite clear what the exchange of words between the two players was, but it ended with Hurtado revealing his teeth and going for Franzoia’s nose. He didn’t really make any contact, but that didn’t stop Franzoia from falling on his back.

The incident ended with Hurtado getting a yellow card for his half headbutt, half bite, while Franzoia walked away without a mark, and a bit of a disgraceful dive added to his name.

Hurtado Bite