Everton vs Tottenham – Romelu Lukaku Injured By Running Into Hugo Lloris

Romelu Lukaku, Hugo Lloris

The two most amazing things from the dull 0-0 draw between Everton and Tottenham? Hugo Lloris actually staying on the pitch after Romelu Lukaku ran his leg through his head, and the Belgian striker being the one that actually had to come off the pitch and be replaced.

After the match was over, a few minutes after the incident, questions about Tottenham’s medical staff were raised. Should have Lloris been allowed to stay on the pitch? He didn’t stay down for long, getting up quite quickly and looked alert as usual between the goalposts after the injury.

However, concussions don’t always affect you immediately. The subject is studied much more vastly through NFL games. Quarterbacks can get up right after taking a hit and be fine for the rest of the game, but won’t remember what happened a day later. Staying on the field after suffering a concussion is dangerous, possibly even life threatening.

cropped knee Were Tottenham right to keep Hugo Lloris on the pitch at Everton after his head injury? [GIF & Tweets]

According to reports, Lloris was advises by the medical staff to come off, but he decided he’ll stay in the match. This brings us to another question: Can a player overrule the medical staff just because he feels he can play? It sometimes might be true when it’s minor pains in the leg, arm or something else, but a head injury isn’t something to mess with, and even if Lloris was fine and is feeling fine this morning, he probably shouldn’t have been allowed to carry on playing.

When Lukaku ran into Lloris, everyone immediately thought of Petr Cech cracking his skull from a few years back after Stephen Hunt ran into him.

The draw keeps Tottenham five points away from Arsenal as they continue to struggle in finding the net despite their very expensive squad, being unable to win matches against rivals from the top half of the table most of the time this season.

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