FC Barcelona – Andres Iniesta so Good It’s Dangerous

There has been some talk about Andres Iniesta being on some sort of decline this season. Whether or not that’s true, it’s quite clear that his dribbling skills are just fine, pulling off another magnificent¬†croqueta in the 0-0 draw between Barcelona and Osasuna. In fact, his trick was so good that the player trying to stop him, Sisi, took the wrong step and twisted his knee, taken off the field for the injury.

It’s hard to say if Iniesta is actually in some sort of decline in form or is this just the more vertical style of Gerardo Martino that’s affecting his efficiency, as we see Alexis Sanchez and Neymar becoming a lot more dominant in the outcome of plays.

Iniesta best attribute has always been his incredible body control and balance. He has the ability not only with his feet, but with his entire body to fake out defenders and opposition players, even without doing something too fancy. He’s able to keep the ball so close to his feet on most instances that it’s almost impossible to take it away from him in a one on one situation, and even two players marking him isn’t always the fairest of situations; for them of course.

Andres Iniesta