FC Barcelona – Gerard Pique Makes Dreams Comes True For Little Kids

For football stars, it’s only a shirt. For their fans, and especially little children, it’s probably an item and moment they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives, like the little kid who waited for a Barcelona player to notice him, and eventually got Gerard Pique to pay attention, giving him his shirt.

After the 7-0 win over Levante, a kid that was seating near the entrance to the player’s tunnel was trying to get the attention of Barcelona players walking by. He shouted at Pedro, Alexis and Lionel Messi, not getting a reaction.

On his fourth attempt (at least the one caught by the camera), calling at Gerard Pique, his “prayers” were answered, as the Barcelona centre back paid enough attention to give the frustrated kid his shirt.

Immediately, from a disappointing day and moment, the kid began to cry, this time out of happiness, from getting one of the Barcelona players to pay attention to him.

Gerard Pique