FC Barcelona Transfer Rumors – David Luiz Won’t Be Signed at All Costs

David Luiz Chelsea

The fact that Chelsea aren’t making it easy for Barcelona to sign David Luiz is expected, and it might not have anything to do with their manager not being a huge fan of the Spanish champions. In any case, Barca aren’t going to spend beyond a certain amount to get the Brazilian centre back.

Over the weekend, Barcelona used their own tabloids to hit out at Jose Mourinho and Chelsea, claiming they’re holding Luiz “hostage” because the manager’s hate for anything Barcelona. Allegadly, according to El Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona made an offer of €25 million that was rejected last week.

How much do Chelsea want for Luiz? About €50 million, which is another way of saying “not for sale”. This isn’t the first centre back Barcelona have been after this summer (Daniel Agger, Marquinhos), but all their offers for the players have been rejected. It’s not only about the money for the teams unwilling to sell. Sometimes it’s really a situation in which they can’t bring in a player of the same caliber at the limited time left to them.

Teams like Barcelona & Real Madrid are always “insulted” when an offer is rejected. When you feel like you’re the biggest club in the world, you expect things to happen in your favor, and hearing no from teams and players just doesn’t compute very well.

In any case, it seems that Barcelona are hoping that an improved offer of around €35 million can be enough to convince Chelsea to sell their best defensive player. While meeting the Blues halfway might do the trick or at least increase the pressure from within by Luiz himself, who probably doesn’t mind leaving Chelsea for Barcelona, it’ll be the end of the negotiations. A rejection for that offer will mean the end of Barcelona’s chase after Luiz.

Who comes instead? Daniel Agger seems to be the only name left at the moment Barcelona are willing to chase, but Liverpool have been fending off offers for the last two years, and unless some astronomical bid for the Danish centre back comes their way, Barcelona will be left without an expensive centre back addition once again.

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