FC Barcelona Transfer Rumors – Will Sign Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Marc-Andre ter stegen

With Victor Valdes leaving (probably) at the end of this season, Barcelona need to start thinking about who will be the goalkeeper that replaces him. For over a year now, it seems like that man is Marc-Andre ter Stegen of Borussia Monchengladbach, a team Barca might already have a pre-contract agreement with for the player.

According to reports from Germany and specifically the Bild, there’s already a deal in place between Stegen, Barcelona and Gladbach, which will put the 21-year old German international (3 caps so far) at the Camp Nou by the beginning of next season, and it’ll only cost €12 million for Barcelona to complete the deal.

While it’s not unreasonable that the two sides already have an agreement, the Bild do have a reputation of jumping the gun, not to mention the price seeming a bit low for one of the two or three best young goalkeepers in the world right now. However, it might have something to do with his contract running out in 2015, and Gladbach not looking to risk losing him for free.

Stegen has been a starter for Monchengladbach since before his 20th birthday, appearing in all 68 Bundesliga matches for the club over the last two seasons, and has already appeared 10 times in a rather successful start for the team, currently placed 4th behind Bayern, Dortmund and Leverkusen.

Stegen, born in the city, has been with the club since 1996, meaning that he’s been playing for Borussia since his kindergarten days. According to transfermarkt, he’s valued at €11 million, but that price should only rise as this season goes along, and especially if we see him getting a few more caps for the German national team.