Fernanda Colombo Uliana, Brazil’s Most Famous Lineswoman

Fernanda Colombo Uliana 2.0

Sports in general are mostly followed by men, and while the majority of them like and even love women, they don’t usually feel comfortable with them involved with their favorite sports, specifically football. So what makes Fernanda Colombo Uliana, a lineswoman that’s creating quite a lot of buzz in Brazil, unique? It’s not about how well she performs at her job, but about being young, blonde and easy on the eyes.

There’s been quite a lot of twitter mentions of the 23-year old since she participated as one of the refereeing crews in the match between Sao Paulo and CRB in the Brazilian Cup. That was Uliana’s second professional match following her appearance in the Brazilian Serie B match between Bragantino and Nautico.


Those who caught a glimpse of her on television couldn’t stop mentioning her through social media later on. No one really paid attention to the decisions she got right or wrong, but as always, the male dominant sports fandom population was focused on how good she looked and how that added or not to the game.

Fernanda Colombo Uliana

That might be the blessing and curse of women trying to pierce a way through into bastions of previously male-only sanctuaries. Looking good will get you plenty of attention, but most of the time the focus will only be on her physical attributes and not if she’s actually a good official or not.