Fernando Torres and the Miss of the Year

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We all know Fernando Torres’ form for the last two, maybe even three seasons, has been dipping drastically. Yes, it’s true injuries seem to have a big part in it all, especially during his Liverpool tenure, which have also hurt his position on the Spanish national team. From a Euro 2008 hero to getting thrown out of the lineup. He hasn’t scored a meaningful goal for Spain since the 2009 Confederations Cup.

Things haven’t been better with Chelsea – actually they’ve been much much worse. Last week, during their Champions League win, Torres set up both goals in their 2-0 win. I heard some voices talk about his return to form and contributions in other ways than goals. Well, a 50 million striker needs to score goals. There’s no question about it. His numbers for Chelsea? Pathetic – Two goals in 24 matches in all competitions, only one so far this season.

Yesterday, during Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat against Manchester United, Fernando Torres had an amazing chance to put Chelsea back in the game after finding himself past De Gea, alone, unguarded, in front of a wide open goal. Somehow, he managed to miss it. Torres from two years ago wouldn’t have missed it. Actually, a six year old wouldn’t have.