Florida State Seminoles – Jameis Winston is the Real Deal

Jameis Winston

One game into his College Football career, and Jameis Winston seems to be everything the hype suggest he would, leading Florida State to an impressive season-opening win with an even more impressive performance from the redshirt freshman.

Winston threw for 356 yards and four touchdowns, failing to complete only two passes (25-of-27) as the Seminoles beat Pittsburgh 41-13 to open their 2013 season, which came with a bit lower expectations than the previous one considering their change at quarterback and the players they’ve lost to the draft.

Winston seems to really like throwing to tight end nick O’Leary, finding the Junior in the endzone three times during the game. Just for perspective: O’Leary caught a total of 4 touchdowns during his first couple of seasons with the Seminoles. Winston started off the game completing 11-of-11.

More impressively, Winston became the first quarterback over the last 10 seasons with 3 Pass touchdowns and a Rush touchdown in the 1st half of his 1st career game. It’s always hard to tell if it’s because he is that good of a player or simply the weak opposition, but Florida State don’t have a serious game coming up until October 19 when they visit Clemson. However, the not-too-difficult games have been their problems in previous seasons.

I can get better every single day. I had two busts. I got sacked. I don’t like getting sacked. There’s so many things that’s under the table that people don’t see. As an athlete you’ve gotta get better every day if you want to be successful in the sport you do.

So he wasn’t perfect, but it’s pretty much impossible, even with the huge difference between Florida State and Pittsburgh in almost every position, to not make some sort of mistake during your debut. And yet with all the hype surrounding ‘Famous Jameis’ going into the Monday night game, it seemed like the most stunned of all were his teammates, even though they’ve gotten used to his ability during practice.

There was also the defense, which remains strong (hopefully) as it was last season. They kept Pitt’s ground game stalled, allowing the new ACC team only 96 yards on 27 carries, while Pitt’s quarterback, Tom Savage, had a game he would obviously love to forget, as the senior, also playing in his first ever NCAA game for Pitt, completing only 15-of-28 while being intercepted twice.

Out of Winston’s two incompletions, one was actually a good pass that the wide receiver couldn’t keep himself inbounds with. The other came with Florida State comfortably in the lead, with Winston hurried to make a bad pass by the defense. He even had time to run-block for for Devonta Freeman when the running back broke into the secondary.

Winston is a two-sport athlete at the moment, also playing baseball for the Seminoles, but it’s hard to imagine him doing anything else after looking so good against a team that ranked 17th last season in the nation when it came to defense. Like Jimbo Fisher said, it’s only one game, but it takes only one to start some sort of mania about a quarterback that seems to be every bit of what was promised.

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