Francis Owusu Makes Greatest Touchdown Catch of the College Football Season

It’s highly doubtful we’ll see a touchdown catch or any reception that’s better than what Francis Owusu pulled off in the 56-35 win by Stanford over UCLA, catching the ball while his hands were wrapped around Jaleel Wadwood.

And it wasn’t the only brilliant thing about the play. Stanford started it on a Wildcat snap to Christian McCaffrey, who then handed it to Bryce Love on the sweep. Love flipped the ball to Kevin Hogan who sent the 41-yard pass flying in the air, although the touchdown was only made possible thanks to Owusu somehow hanging on to the ball.

Stanford (#15) delivered a big blow to UCLA (#18) with their huge win that pretty much puts them at the forefront of the running in the Pac-12 North, while the Bruins are now 1-2 in conference play. This game was a huge one for McCaffrey, who deserves the game ball despite Owusu’s catch, rushing for 243 yards and four touchdowns.

Francis Owusu

Gif via SBNation / Image: Source