Best Meme of Arsene Wenger Reacting to Jose Mourinho Getting Fired

Arsene Wenger meme

The dislike between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho isn’t just for show. It’s a real rivalry and hatred between the managers, which makes it quite easy to figure out how the Arsenal manager is feeling after Chelsea announced they’ve sacked Mourinho.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mourinho was sacked. Chelsea have been beyond dreadful this season and frankly, since the beginning of 2015. They did win the Premier League for the third time under his guidance, but their abysmal start to the season, with just 15 points in 16 matches (4 wins, 3 draws, 9 losses) was too much as the third year struggles that struck him during his Real Madrid tenure hit again. Turns out, despite Mourinho coming back to Chelsea for good, he left after a shorter time than in his first spell.

The happiest people on the planet are probably some of his players, and the managers lined up for the job. It might be under an owner known to fire people very quickly, but this is still one of the best paying, highest profile jobs in football, with a squad that might be grossly underachieving, but it might have had something to do with players simply not responding to the Portuguese manager anymore.

Wenger and others in North London, out of pure gloating, probably opened a bottle or two of champagne. Chelsea are probably going to be better with a new manager, at least in the short run, with the usual motivational kick coming in after managers coming and going. But overall, for someone who has enjoyed and basked in the relative misery of Wenger over the years, it shouldn’t be a surprise so many people are happy he lost his job, along with a huge severance package coming his way to soften the blow.