24 Best Memes of a New NFL Season Starting


What better way to kick off the new NFL season than going through some of the funnier memes seeing the light of day over the last few days, although some of them aren’t exactly new?

So what’s funny to people going into the new season? The NFL official hashtags for each team was an idea that was simply born to make fun of, just like the Cleveland Browns, who have a high comedic potential this year. Johnny Manziel might be gone, but the fragile knees of Robert Griffin III replaced him.

Mark Sanchez falling further down the league’s quarterback hierarchy seems to bring pleasure to quite a few people, as he went from backing up two players without an NFL start to backing up one player without an NFL start. That’s moving on up in the world in my book.

The New England Patriots revenge tour (what do Super Bowl champions have to avenge anyway) fell short of its goal due to a couple of losses in Denver and overall arrogance from head coach Bill Belichick. Tom Brady is once again angry because he was caught cheating, but he only has until week 5 to let the hate of everyone who dislikes him and the Patriots to boil inside of him.

There’s more, but we need the season to develop in order to know what’s happening. For now, just enjoy that the NFL is back.

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