16 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Crushed by the Arizona Cardinals

The memes makers were rough on the Green Bay Packers and especially Aaron Rodgers, although nothing was rougher than how the Arizona Cardinals simply ran all over them.

In a game that didn’t mean all that much to the Packers because of their showdown with the Minnesota Vikings for the #1 spot in the NFC North, Rodgers and his team looked like they want to be somewhere else. Maybe it’s because they didn’t care as much as they should have, but mostly because he kept taking hit after hit with an offensive line that crumbled around him.

The Cardinals, believe it or not, might just be the best team in the NFL. The injury to Calvin Johnson hasn’t slowed them down, showcasing the best offensive in the league and one of the scariest, unrelenting defenses as well. This was one of those games that’s about separating pretenders from contenders.

Rodgers is trying to calm the Packers fans down, saying he and the team will show up when it matters, meaning the Vikings game. They’re in the playoffs regardless of what happens, but this kind of loss to the Cardinals suggests they might not be staying there for very long.

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